Bread Sticks Taste Test

Bread Sticks Taste Test

  • Where: Pop n Pizza 504 E Kings Hwy
  • When: Saturday January 27th 2018 2pm-4pm
  • Why : We have a new style bread sticks that we need some feedback about.

Bread stick Taste Test

Saturday January 27th 2018 between 2pm and 4pm , we will be having a Bread Stick Taste Test. Just come in and get 2 FREE bread Sticks on Saturday January 27th between 2pm and 4pm .One bread stick will be the old style and one bread stick will be the new style. After you taste both bread sticks we ask that you vote , either on facebook or in store by circling your favorite bread sticks on our paper ballot and drop it in our Bread Stick Taste Test ballot box.

See you Saturday and Thank you for voting


The Results of The Taste Test

The results were a dead tie between both kinds of bread sticks so unless you specifically ask for the new style we will be serving the old style. Thank you for voting.

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