Pizza Points Explained

What the heck are Pizza Points?

Pizza points are points awarded to you for making purchases on Pizza Points will be pending for 24hours before you can spend them.

How many Pizza Points do I get?

You will earn 5% of the purchase price of items you purchase. Example- You purchase a pizza for $10.99 you will be awarded 55 points. Each point is worth $0.01 so 55 points equals $0.55

How do I see how many Pizza Points I've earned?

There is a side box that will show your Pizza Points on every page.

Not Logged In

Not Logged In With Items In Your cart

When you are logged In

How do I use my Pizza Points ?

To use your Pizza Points simply type in the amount of points you want to use in the box during checkout. Do not enter dollar amount here because you are redeeming points and the points will be automatically be converted to dollars for you.

During Checkout

Enter 200 not 2.00 if you want to spend $2 because 200 points = $2

That is all there is to Pizza Points

Pizza Points can only be used for purchasing items online. Can not be used on call in orders or walk in orders.

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